About Epleslang

Epleslang Apple Juice is made of 100% apples, and has no additives. Our apple juice is unfiltered, giving it the ultimate apple flavour.

All our apples are picked by hand in Oslo gardens, and then pressed, pasteurized and bottled on a small farm just outside Oslo called Dyre Gård.

The taste of each bottle is as unique as the apple tree it originates from, always delicious; but the sweetness and acidity of each bottle varies.

Exciting isn’t it?

Crate of apples

Epleslang has a goal to include everyone.

We create jobs for motivated people with disabilities and young people who are looking for work experience. They harvest our apples, and they are all doing a fantastic job! Our juice is local and made from surplus apples from Oslo’s gardens.

In short: Epleslang Apple Juice is good conscience in a bottle. Enjoy!